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Samenwerken met DOP?

  • From blocks to pixels

    Using picture, srcset and picturefill

    The picture module for Drupal 7 now supports img-tags with the srcset-attribute, without the picture-tag. This is a great step forward, but it obviously raises the question what to use.
  • header image post

    Dynamic field group titles

    The Field Group module is a much used way to group the display of fields, groups can have titles which give context to the fields in this group and can act as links to open or close the group.
  • header image post

    The font awesome svg module

    Icon fonts, what a great idea. Add a single font to your site, and you get a complete set of simple icons for an enormous array of possibilities. A popular example is Font Awesome.
  • Heatmap website

    Meer inzicht in gebruik website met heatmaps

    Deel van onze kracht is dat we verder kijken dan techniek alleen, maar met de business van de klant meedenken over nieuwe mogelijkheden.